If I buy any Microsoft product from your store how long do you guarantee the product key will be good for?

To comply with copyright regulations at any time you have any issues with activation I will replace the product key you have issues with at no additional charge once within 30 days of purchase. If you still have problems, I will offer remote assistance with the customer through a Windows 10 program called Quick Assist to resolve and address the problem. Windows 10 is required to use Quick Assist App!

Which Microsoft Office Suites work with Windows 7 / 8 / or 8.1?

Office 2016 Home and Student.

Which Microsoft Office Suites work with Windows 10?

Office 2019 Home and Student for Windows 10, Office 2019 Professional, Office 2019 Home and Business PC/MAC, and Office 2019 Home and Business PC 2 Users

Which Microsoft Office Suites work with the MAC OS?

Older MACS it’s recommended to use Office 2016 Home and Business for MAC. Newer MAC Pros I recommend getting the Office 2019 Home and Business PC and MAC version.

If I need DVD or Flash Drive version of any of the programs you offer for sale how long does it take to process?

I typically get orders out within 1 business day from the date and time of sale. If possible, I try to ship same day if possible. All shipped items are sent you via First Class Mail with tracking.

How long does it take to send the digital products to my e-mail upon purchase?

Usually within 24 hours if there are no technical problems. If the item you want is listed as out of stock just send me a message to so you can make your purchase.

Do you provide any support after the sale?

Absolutely! If you need any assistance installing or activating your program, I will assist you by phone if necessary, to get your program installed and activated at no additional cost to you. See my feedback from my e-bay sales for buyer confidence!

Can I transfer my Microsoft product to another computer in the event of a computer failure or crash?

Possibly but this is Microsoft’s discretion as each product key is good for the life of the PC or MAC it is installed on. It’s one product key per a computer.

If I order the DVD or Flash Drive version of the program do, I need to worry about viruses?

NO! I only provide original installation files with no extras! Rest assured there are no viruses on any of the media I send to you. I’m in the business to help and serve the public so sending you virus infected media would be detrimental to my business and my customers.

What if I need to cancel an order?

As long as the item is unused and/or the item has not been shipped/dispatched I will refund your order no questions asked.

Are all your products genuine and authentic?

Yes! If you have any issues with installation or activations call me at 276-285-1570 or e-mail at so I can address any problems you may have.

Are you Microsoft Office usable Worldwide?

NO. Most of my products can be activated in the USA and the US Territories. I can not guarantee activation outside of the United States of America.

What do I do if I receive a message that my Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student 2019 has already been used?

Notify me immediately and I will get you a replacement product key the same day if possible. If it’s late I will get it to you the next day.

Is shipping free?

Yes! All items are shipped for free when you order from my store! Free tracking information is also provided if you order a physical product.